PlayStation 5: With new skins you can make your console shine in black

It’s a luxury problem. The white PlayStation 5 does not match the black TV and the rest of the furnishings. There is no black model of the PlayStation 5 and manufacturers of custom faceplates for PlayStation 5 have so far put Sony in their place. If you still want to customize your PlayStation 5, you still have so-called skins according to the current status.

With the easy-to-apply, specially adapted film, your console then shines in elegant black. According to the manufacturer, it can also be removed without leaving any residue and increases grip. The latter doesn’t seem so important for a console, but it does for controllers. And the skins are also available for the DualSense. You can order the skin film for PlayStation 5 now at Media Markt and Saturn.

Current situation regarding new PS5 deliveries

Apropos PlayStation 5. When can we expect a “new wave” again? This is currently completely unclear. After the last option to order at the beginning of December, the dealers have remained completely calm so far. If there are further deliveries, it can be expected that at least some dealers will communicate this beforehand. As was the case with the previous waves.

The latest news from Amazon inspires a little hope. In the past few days, Amazon has offered a replacement delivery to customers who have lost their PS5 in transit. GamesWirtschaft reports. The replacement delivery is expected to take place by January 23, 2021. This in turn means, of course, that Amazon either already has a commitment to new consoles, or is firmly expecting them. However, it is unclear whether the delivery quantity exceeds the replacement deliveries. In the second half of January there is reasonable hope for new PS5 copies. However, many customers are still waiting for their pre-orders, which will probably be served first.

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