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With the new loyalty program “Playstation Stars” bonuses and even PSN credit can be unlocked.

Sony has introduced a new loyalty program for Playstation players: “Playstation Stars” will be introduced on an unspecified date and will be continuously developed. Participation is free for all PSN account owners. Loyalty points are then awarded for playing Playstation games. Sony cites the “Monthly Check-In” campaign as an example, in which any game must be started. But winning tournaments or unlocking trophies should also shovel points into your own account.

Platinum for points

In blockbuster games, there will also be bonuses for players who receive the platinum trophy first in their local time zone. In addition, purchases in the Playstation Store should also be rewarded with loyalty points. However, this only applies to subscribers to Playstation Plus.


With the collected loyalty points, players can choose free content in a catalogue. As an example, Sony cites PSN credit, selected Playstation Store products or digital collectibles. The latter are digital images of things that Playstation fans love, such as characters from popular games or other entertainment formats. While this sounds a bit like NFTs, in an interview with The Washington Post, Grace Chen, Sony’s vice president of digital advertising, clarified that they don’t use blockchain or NFT technology for this.

Response to Xbox Rewards

With Playstation Stars, Sony apparently wants to react to Microsoft’s Xbox Rewards. Points can also be collected and exchanged there for playing.

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