Playstation VR2: Sony gives information about the release date

Sony has revealed via Twitter and Instagram when the Playstation VR2 for the Sony Playstation 5 will be available.

Sony has one on Twitter

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given on the release date of the Playstation VR2. Accordingly, the VR set for the Playstation 5 will be released in early 2023. That’s it, there’s nothing else in the tweet apart from the photo of a PSVR2. Sony also published the same information on Instagram.

This is what the Playstation VR2 offers

Sony has already revealed a few things about the technical data and the design of the Playstation VR2 in the past. Both the headset and the controller have a spherical design. The Playstation VR2 has a white and black exterior to match the PS5. The head offers 4K HDR graphics and a 110-degree field of view on its two OLED displays (each with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye). You operate the games with the two controllers, and the headset also recognizes your eye movements. Gaze cameras follow your line of sight when you aim or look around. The headset also gives feedback through vibrations, for which motors are installed in the head part. Connect the Playstation VR2 to the PS 5 using a USB-C cable.

The two VR2 Sense controllers provide haptic feedback and have touch recognition to reproduce natural movements and gestures. You can read more about the design and the technical data in this message: Playstation VR2 – Sony presents the design of the headset and controller.

At the start there should be over 20 major game titles for the Playstation VR2, including “Horizon Call of the Mountain”.

But one of the most important pieces of information is still missing: the price. Sony is stubbornly silent on this.

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