“Please, get vaccinated”: Vaccinated people tell why in the video

The campaign of the Austria vaccines initiative started on Monday.

After a somewhat bumpy start, the vaccination against the coronavirus is now in full swing in Austria. In two weeks, all residents of old people’s and nursing homes willing to vaccinate should have received the vaccine, then the older population will continue outside of the homes.

On Monday yesterday, the “Austria vaccinates” campaign started a new initiative in which well-known experts are providing information on the coronavirus and want to counter false reports. Among them, for example, the chairwoman of the vaccination commission, Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt, Markus Müller, rector of the Medical University of Vienna, Reingard Glehr, general practitioner with family doctor practice, Herwig Kollaritsch, member of the national vaccination committee, and Eva Höltl, head of the scientific advisory board of the Austrian Academy for Occupational Medicine and prevention.

In order to achieve a sufficiently high vaccination coverage in the population, there are also TV spots in which older people and health workers report about the vaccination.

In order to create a kind of “herd immunity” against the virus, as many people as possible have to be vaccinated. At the moment, however, many are still undecided – they are concerned about the effectiveness and side effects of the vaccine. Here the experts reassure: “Every vaccination that is inoculated in Austria is safe and effective.”


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