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Please note: this is how you prune the roses in the autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to prune most plants. It is also best to prune the roses now.

The autumn pruning

The so-called autumn pruning provides good protection for the shrub against the winter. You don’t have to cut the branches in any particular way when pruning the roses in the fall. The shrub can easily be cut back to knee height. Make sure to prune away the thin branches. This ensures that the rose cannot freeze too easily and then rot during thawing. The shrub is also less sensitive to the wind when it is trimmed short and the rose stays better in the ground.


While you are busy in the garden; go also “earthing” the rose. This means that you cover the bottom 6 inches of the stems with a new layer of soil. Earthing ensures that the plant is better protected against frost in winter. The stems freeze less easily when covered with a layer of soil.

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