Podcast: How can our pension awareness be increased?

Our society is changing. We are getting older, proportionally there will (soon) be fewer workers than pensioners, we change jobs more quickly and work more often as self-employed. All these changes affect our pension and require adjustments to the pension system. In five years’ time, the new pension system will come into effect, one that is more transparent and personal. But as a future retiree, employer or pension fund do you realize what this change means?

Impact of new pension system on awareness

In the podcast, Huib de Vries talks with Marike Knoef (professor of empirical economics at Leiden University, deputy crown member of the SER and board member of Netspar) and Alfred Kool (expert in the field of pension communication) about the new pension system and awareness. .

How is it possible that something so important for the future gets so little attention? Knoef: “It turns out that we spend much more time and attention on products that we use twice a day. If you use them much less often, then the attention for the subject is automatically a lot less. The so-called toothbrush test. more for pensions.”

The fact that it is one thing to get the attention of the collective Netherlands for a pension topic – partly because it is not something we deal with on a daily basis – is something of all times and Kool acknowledges. Still, there are ways to get people more interested in pensions. Kool: “What we know is that the more personal and relevant it is for pension participants, the greater the chance that they will actually take action. Something that is more emphatically addressed in the new pension system. We can draw hope from that. that it will become easier to get people interested in such an important subject.”

Podcast about retirement talk

Listen to the podcast and be updated on questions such as: Why is the new pension system necessary? What are the biggest differences with the current pension system? And where are the opportunities to increase pension awareness among people, so that everyone feels warm in their old age?

Listen to the podcast here

This podcast was made by NRC branded content on behalf of Topicus, Impact met IT. Curious if Topicus can help your organization implement the new pension system? Check the website.

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