Pokémon cards increasingly in demand: number of copies sold on Ebay in 2020 increased by more than 500 percent

Those who are not interested in crypto coins or stocks may want to consider diving into the Pokémon card market. There is more and more interest in collector cards, according to figures from the sales site Ebay.

The figures from Ebay show that 574 percent more Pokémon cards were sold last year than in 2019. The increasing popularity is partly due to the rush of news reports about cards being sold at unprecedented prices. Collectors have mainly hunted for cards from the first edition.

80,000 euros for one card

Last year, a Pokémon trading card was sold on Ebay for a whopping $ 350,000, or nearly $ 290,000. When we take a look at the auction site, we see that an offer price of 80,000 euros or more is no exception.

Pokémon cards will also be auctioned during public auctions. At the beginning of this year, a Pokémon First Edition Base Set Sealed Booster Box was sold through the US auction house Heritage Auctions for a whopping $ 408,000. To clarify: it is a box with unopened packs of cards.

In addition, there are numerous internet celebrities who buy tickets in bulk and then open during a stream. Pokémon cards are also reviving in our regions. For example, Belgian Youtubers such as Acid and Vexx fuel the hype.

McDonald’s jumps on the hype train

That the Pokémon cards make the hearts of collectors beat faster again has not escaped McDonald’s. In some countries, young collectors receive a pack of collectible cards when they order a happy meal. A total of 25 unique cards can be collected. McDonald’s is holding that promotion to mark the 25th anniversary of the Japanese franchise.

The extra in the children’s menu seems to attract the attention of so-called scalpers. These are people who want to collect the cards and then resell them at a profit. According to the most recent reports, the tickets offered by McDonald’s are already resold for a multiple of their purchase price.

The trading card game of the popular animated series about monsters was launched in 1999 and quickly grew into a worldwide phenomenon. In addition to the card game, there are video games, series and films about Pikachu and his companions.

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