Pokémon Go: Creating new poké stops and gyms just got easier

More players will probably be coming soon Pokémon Go have the opportunity to create new poké stops and gyms. Currently you need to have the highest level, 40. Niantic, the creator of Pokémon Go, is investigating whether it can lower that high requirement in the future.

It has been four years since we walked around alone to catch Pokémon everywhere, but still have Pokémon Go still a lot of loyal players. For them, one of the biggest frustrations is undoubtedly the location of pokéstops and gyms in the game. Both of these things are crucial in order to play Pokémon Go well and fun, but often they are not where you want them.

Niantic Wayfarer

To help overcome those frustrations, game developer Niantic launched Niantic Wayfarer last year. Anyone who is a member can nominate new places that he or she wants to see as a poker stop or gym. You can also judge nominations from other members. The program is for both Pokémon Go as Ingress, a similar game from the same makers.

While that all sounds great fun, there is one problem with Wayfarer. To become a member, you have to go on Pokémon Go have reached level 40. And even for those who play often, it takes a long time to collect enough XP for that. In total you need 20 million XP for that.

Level 39

Fortunately, Niantic came with good news last week. “We are testing to lower the levels required to join Wayfarer,” tweet said. Initially they would like to start by also allowing users with level 39.

Although that is only one level difference, it is important to know that it makes a lot of difference when it comes to XP. The higher your level is in Pokémon Gothe harder it is to climb further. For example, you are already level 39 if you have earned a total of 15 million XP, yet one fourth less than for level 40. In addition, it does not seem unlikely that Niantic will also allow users with even lower levels in the future.

Which poké stops and gyms?

If you level in Pokémon Go high enough, you can sign up for Wayfarer. Once your membership has been accepted, you can nominate a poké stop that must then be approved by the other members.

Of course there are many criteria that a pokéstop or gym must meet. According to the Niantic website, these are places of historical or educational value, unique architecture, parks, libraries, places of worship, stations … There are also many restrictions. For example, places that are unsafe for pedestrians, are on private land, are intended for adults (such as sex shops or gun shops) and / or are of a temporary nature are not eligible.


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