‘Pokémon GO’: Niantic adds ‘Reality Blending’ and ‘PokéStop scanning’ to the game

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO, announced two new features yesterday. With Reality Blending and PokéStop scanning Niantic wants to improve the game again. Moreover, the virtual figures will look even more realistic. The company announced this in a blog post.

Pokémon G.O stranded in Belgium in 2016 and was immediately extremely popular. Niantic has been trying to further optimize the game ever since. The two new features are an attempt at Pokémon G.O to blend in with your environment even more.

Reality Blending

Reality Blending or Blended Reality is based on augmented reality and means that the digital and physical world are merged. With Blended Reality in Pokémon G.For example, it may be possible that certain Pokémon are hidden behind objects such as a tree or a cupboard. Before the update, the Pokémon just appeared in augmented reality on your screen, so the Pokémon was in front of the tree or on the cupboard.


“Pokémon can hide behind a real object and suddenly appear just like a person can in the physical world,” says Niantic product manager Kjell Bronder. “As Pokémon G.O over the years, trainers have been able to take pictures of their Pokémon and play with them. This new function brings them even closer to reality. ”

The new feature will only be available on a few phones for now (the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10, the Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 4). Ultimately, multiple devices will be added to the list of phones that Reality Blending can use.

PokéStop scanning

With the PokéStop scanningfunction will soon be able to make scans (read: videos) of less than 10 seconds Pokéstops and gyms. Niantic wants to make a 3D map for Pokémon G.Oh, and that’s why the company needs those scans. The function is therefore still under development, but Niantic engages its users to help with this. Niantic does emphasize that the corona measures must be beneficial for this. Also, the company says they will not collect personal information and will not associate the scans with specific accounts. The PokéStop scanningfeature available from June for players over level 40.


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