Pokémon Red: Fans are suddenly playing the game en masse – via a Twitter avatar

What? You read right right. Countless Pokémon fans have been playing Pokémon Red Edition again since last night. Via a Twitter avatar. How is that supposed to work? Programmer Constantin Liétard (from Gameloft Montreal) has created a script that controls the progress of the game based on replies to a tweet and creates a screenshot every 15 seconds. This image then serves as Constantin Liétard’s new Twitter avatar every 15 seconds.

You can reply to this tweet with your desired commands. Commands like “Up”, “Right” or “A” have the corresponding, obvious effect. The most requested command from the last 15 seconds is then sent to the game. The screenshot is taken and appears as Liétard’s new avatar. And the whole thing starts all over again.

Already sent 20,000 commands

So if you have nothing to do today, you can visit Constantin “Screenshakes” Liétard on Twitter and update his profile every 15 seconds. And watch as fans try to play through Pokémon Red Edition via his avatar. At the time of this writing, almost 20,000 commands have been sent. Crazy times.

The idea is of course not entirely new. Some of you may still remember “Twitch Plays Pokémon”, which worked in a very similar way and received the commands in the chat of the Twitch stream. The “social experiment” even has its own Wikipedia entry. Observers are still unsure whether it was really a social experiment. But Björn Balg was not wrong in a Eurogamer article when he wrote: “Even in the anonymity of the Internet, which normally drives people to their worst behavior, a group of sheer strangers came together who made the right decisions together.”

Let’s see how it turns out this time.

Pokémon 25th Anniversary Celebrations

The entertaining experiment is part of The Pokémon Company’s anniversary preparations. This year Pokémon will be 25 years old and of course this birthday will be duly celebrated and marketed by the makers. How exactly, we don’t know yet. In November, The Pokémon Company initially presented an official logo for the celebrations.

In any case, trainers in this country can look forward to the new Pokémon cinema strip this year. “Secrets of the Jungle” will be launched in 2021. The film is about the boy Koko, who was raised by Pokémon and who believes he is one himself. The dark monkey Pokémon Zarude also plays an important role in the film.

Images: Twitter, @screenshakes


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