Polestar 3 (2022): So far, this is known about the new electric SUV

With its first two models, Polestar has shown how independent the Volvo subsidiary can be. After the plug-in hybrid coupé Polestar 1 and the fully electric crossover Polestar 2, the Swedish-Chinese company is not only increasing its sales figures, the range of models is also growing. With the Polestar 3, a full-fledged SUV with the typical Polestar virtues is to be launched.

Market launch: Polestar 3 should go on sale as early as 2022

Starting in 2022, the plan is to bring out a new model every year for three years, starting with the Polestar 3. It will be the electric SUV first vehicle of the brand to be produced in the USA at a Volvo plant in Charleston, South Carolina. Polestar boss Thomas Ingenlath speaks of the fact that the car will be built “in America for Americans”, but it can be assumed that the Polestar 3 will not be a pure model for North America, but will also go on sale with us.


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Range: It probably covers 600 kilometers on one battery charge

The company has not yet given any technical data, one Battery capacity of around 100 kWh but it is quite realistic. In terms of range, Polestar should aim for up to 600 kilometers.

Design and dimensions: The SUV should differ significantly from the previous models

So far, there are only Erlkönig photos of the new Polestar, on which the electric car is heavily camouflaged. The brand itself has published such an image as a teaser. How it could look under the film is shown in the AUTO BILD illustration. The Polestar 3 could visually differ significantly from the rest of the previous vehicle range. At the front, the indicated radiator grille is visibly reduced, and so too For the first time, headlights are divided into two parts. In spite of everything, the Swedes can not take their daytime running lights in “Thor’s hammer” look and adapt them to the new lighting concept. That is on the side Relationship to Polestar 2 but still clearly. From the B-pillar, the roof drops clearly to the rear and ends in a boxy rear. A continuous strip of lights can be assumed here, which should be animated when the car is opened and closed. Despite the new design elements, Polestar remains true to itself and continues to focus on reduced, Scandinavian design with clear lines.
Polestar 3 Erlkönig

The Erlkönig already reveals details such as the tapered window area on the sides.

A platform should serve as a substructure, which Developed from the ground up for electrified vehicles would. Since the next XC90 will also be on it and the Porsche Cayenne is repeatedly brought into play as a competitor for the Polestar 3, it can be assumed that the electric car will have a length of around 4.90 meters.

Connectivity: The Poelstar should drive autonomously on motorways

In terms of connectivity, a new version of the Android Automotive OS based infotainment. The system was made with the Polestar 2 introduced and is one of the most advanced operating systems in vehicles. What is certain is that the Polestar 3 will be equipped with a lidar sensor and a central computer. These components are intended to enable the car to drive autonomously on motorways. Which level the brand is aiming for, So whether the driver has to keep his hands on the wheel is not yet known.

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