‘Police are losing grip on neighborhood and internet, call for 600 million’

The emergency bell is rung in the plan ‘Connected to neighborhood, web and world’ that is published today and has been compiled by the Public Prosecution Service, the police, regional mayors and the Ministry of Justice and Security. The document is in the hands of De Telegraaf.

Sex offenses on the shelf

Due to the backlog with the police, contact with the neighborhood and citizens threatens to evaporate and cases remain unsolved, the warned. “We have 200 sex offenses on the shelf in East Brabant due to a lack of specialists and investigative capacity,” says Eindhoven mayor John Jorritsma. “I can’t sell that to society.”

According to Public Prosecutor Gerrit van der Burg, investments must also be made to tackle cybercrime properly. “More technical resources and specialists are needed to protect citizens from this transformed crime.”

The emergency plan that has been drawn up is aimed at the next five years. The plan states, among other things, that a thousand police officers must be added to strengthen the position of the police in neighborhoods and on the internet. Outdated IT systems must also be replaced and knowledge must be acquired in the field of cybercrime.

‘Not in order’

In 2017, the Public Prosecution Service and the regional mayors already asked for a capital injection of one billion euros, but according to Jorritsma and Van der Burg, only 291 million was received. Van der Burg: “Of the 5,000 extra agents we asked for, we got 1,100. It is therefore true that the strength is not yet in order.”


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