Police at Tesla’s Fremont headquarters are happy with the Model S – and have already bought a Model Y.

This spring, when Alameda County imposed a blocking order on Tesla and all other companies in its area because of the coronavirus pandemic, an interesting situation could have come about: At the beginning of May, CEO Elon Musk declared that production at the Tesla plant in Fremont was despite the ban has been resumed; you should only arrest him if you have to. The local police would have been responsible for this – and then possibly drove up with the Tesla Model S that they had purchased in 2018. The showdown didn’t happen because Musk and the authorities agreed. The electric car could therefore be used elsewhere. And now the Fremont police have released data that show they are saving hard cash.

Model S cheaper at energy costs

The Tesla Model S 85 bought second-hand from 2014 not only caused lower costs for energy, maintenance and repairs compared to a standard Ford company car, writes the City of Fremont in an evaluation of the period from March 2019 to March 2020: It have also helped the city get closer to its goal of reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, the electric car has exceeded expectations in terms of performance and everyday usability.

In numbers, the police at the Tesla headquarters had to spend a total of 5901 dollars on running costs for the Model S, consisting of electricity, maintenance and repairs during the year under review. For Ford it was $ 8,048, a good $ 2,000 more. In addition, the conventional car was not available for 66 days due to maintenance work, the electric only 39 days.

Perhaps surprising: unlike other cost considerations such as the police in Bagersville with their Tesla Model 3, the Model S in Fremont incurred higher costs for repairs and maintenance. According to the report, she spent $ 4,865 on this, while the Ford was $ 2915, a good $ 2,000 less. This could be related to the fact that the Tesla was bought used and was already four years old at the time. However, the city assumes that repairs will be less expensive in the future.

Fremont Police Department already has Tesla Model Y.

The fact that the Model S is still noticeably cheaper to use is so far only due to the far lower energy costs: In one year they were only a good $ 1,000 compared to around 5,100 for the Ford combustion engine, which also emitted a good 19,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

Overall, the results have led the Fremont police to continue their plans to increase the proportion of electric cars, the city informed. In fact, she has already bought a second Tesla, something that was previously unknown: a Model Y. A hybrid Ford Explorer has also recently become part of the fleet. The Model Y has the advantage over the Model S of a lower price, greater range, more space and more ground clearance, explains the City of Fremont. And if it should come to a showdown with Musk, your police already have two Teslas to choose from.


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