Police catch 4 phone scammers in the act

The police caught four telephone fraudsters in a double strike. This is how the police managed to arrest him.

The wave of shock calls is still rolling through Germany. But now the police caught four telephone scammers, as reported by the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria.

double whammy

On September 7, 2022, the police arrested two 24-year-old Poles in Traunstein red-handed. The two men picked up valuables worth around 40,000 euros from a lady who had previously spoken to the fraudsters in a foreign call center for hours. They tried to convince the lady that her daughter had caused a fatal traffic accident and that she now had to pay bail to avoid immediate arrest.

On September 13, 2022, the police arrested two other collectors. This time it was initially a Czech 31-year-old woman. The police arrested their 40-year-old companion, who was also Czech, a little later and at a different location. The two perpetrators were supposed to pick up the loot from an elderly lady. However, the lady informed her relatives in good time. They, in turn, immediately informed the police, which led to the arrest.

All four of those arrested are now in pre-trial detention in different prisons.

This is how phone fraud works with the grandchild trick

The shock calls with the grandchild trick always follow the same pattern: a psychologically trained caller who speaks good German calls an older person. He poses as a police officer and claims that the grandchild, possibly the child, caused an accident that killed someone. So that the grandchild/child does not have to go to jail, the person called should immediately pay a bail – they can also do this with jewelry and other valuables. The caller keeps the person called on the line for hours and prevents them from calling the police or relatives. A courier then comes by and takes the loot. The courier is just a small fish, the masterminds and the callers are in call centers abroad. How exactly such a grandchild trick works, PC-WELT explained here in an interview with a victim: PC-WELT talks to grandchild trick victims and explains how to protect your loved ones.

The police advise

  • Don’t let yourself be put under pressure, not even by allegedly urgent investigations, for example into a nearby burglary or an urgent deposit that needs to be paid!

  • The police will never ask you for cash, money transfers or valuables to conduct an investigation! Just hang up!

  • Never give information about your belongings, your cash and your valuables on the phone! Just hang up!

  • Do not let anyone into your home who wants to see where you keep your money or jewellery!

  • Never call back using the number displayed on the phone! DO NOT press redial. Hang up and then dial the emergency number 110!

  • Always file a complaint with your police station, even if you try it!

  • Children and grandchildren should talk to their parents and grandparents about the perfidious scams of telephone scammers and warn them

Telephone scammers loot a six-figure sum: description of the perpetrator

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