Police chase Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche – Austria helps with manhunt

Ten Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche delivered an illegal race on German roads. Now the police are chasing the speeders on the Internet. Update: The Austrian police are helping with the hunt.

Updated May 13, 2022:

The Austrian police are helping their Bavarian colleagues in the search for the speeders, as Austrian media write. Accordingly, the police in Lower Bavaria asked their colleagues in Carinthia for support. Because the police suspect that the expensive super sports cars (see below) also drove on the Tauern and Südautobahn in Carinthia.

The Carinthian police shared the corresponding call for witnesses by the Lower Bavarian police on their Facebook page.

Update end, beginning of the original report about the illegal race on May 6th, 2022 in Lower Bavaria:

The police are searching the Internet for participants in an illegal street race. The manhunt is on for the owners of several Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche – all with Czech registrations. On Friday, May 6, 2022, from around 3 p.m. in south-east Bavaria, the presumably ten vehicles competed in a prohibited race on public roads.

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The route of the racers

The dangerous race went south on Friday afternoon through the districts of Freyung-Grafenau, Passau and Rottal-Inn. So far, the route from Philippsreut via Waldkirchen to Passau and on via the B12 and B20 to Burghausen has been reconstructed as a known route. The speeders were also on the A3 Autobahn. The column then drove on to Austria and Italy and from there back to the Czech Republic.

417 km/h: Youtube video shows frenzy on the German autobahn – police are investigating

Thanks to the witnesses, most of the license plates are known. Some video recordings are also available, as the news portal Idowa writes.

During the journey, there were daring overtaking maneuvers at significantly excessive speeds. In at least one case, a frontal collision with an uninvolved BMW could only be avoided by the quick-witted reaction of the BMW driver.

A participant was caught

At least one responsible participant in the dangerous frenzy could apparently be caught on Saturday evening – at the Waidhaus/Rozvadov border crossing, when he was returning. The 27-year-old driver’s license was revoked. Among other things, because of endangering road traffic.

The police asks for help

The police investigation group “EG RACE” is now looking for witnesses and evidence photos and videos on the Internet. The police have the following questions for witnesses:

  • Who was endangered where and when by the drivers of the sports cars?

  • Who saw the sports cars and their drivers where? Petrol stations, rest areas, restaurants, etc., also in Austria and Italy are of interest here.

  • Who photographed or filmed the vehicles and can provide the police with the images or videos?

  • Who can describe the drivers of the sports cars or the other occupants in the vehicles?

The police take telephone information under the number 0851/9511-5021. You can upload photo or video recordings, but also audio files from the vehicles to the police via this link.

Parallel to similar frenzy in 2019

In May 2019, a similar illegal race took place in Lower Bavaria, as reported by Münchner Merkur. At that time even 80 cars of the said brand raced through Straubing, Landshut and Eggenfelden. Eight drivers of sports cars registered in the Czech Republic told the police at the time that they had taken part in a rally organized by a Czech organizer. The drivers had to drive to specified GPS coordinates.

However, the incident at the time revealed a legal problem: the drivers were usually not the owners of the vehicles because the vehicles were rented specifically for the illegal rally. The drivers can usually not be identified and the vehicles cannot be seized in this case.

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