Police chief calculates: Tesla Model 3 saves 6320 dollars in fuel and maintenance in the first year

The chief of police in the small town of Bagersville is increasingly becoming a kind of electric car and above all a Tesla missionary. A good year ago, he decided to convert his company car fleet from high-speed combustion Dodge Chargers to the Tesla Model 3, and purchased the first of these electric cars. Since then he has repeatedly reported positive experiences with it and has offered other police authorities to support them with the changeover and conversion. And now he published on Twitter a comparison of the costs for the Dodge Charger and Model 3 over a year, which was very clearly in favor of the Tesla.

Police full of praise for Tesla Model 3

Bagersville may be the first police force in the US and worldwide to opt for a Tesla Model 3; Model S and Model X have been in use at least occasionally in several countries for a long time. Chief Todd Bertram justified the switch to electric a year ago, among other things with costs. Even in the smallest variant chosen, the Model 3 is standard range plus more expensive to buy than a Dodge Charger, but should bring savings of $ 6,000 per year in running costs.

As early as this summer, Bertram indicated that the savings with the Tesla patrol car were even greater than expected. He also praised the non-financial advantages of the Model 3, such as the cameras with which he documented controls, or the quick, quiet acceleration that helps catch up with offenders. In September he even let YouTubers into his police Tesla and advised other officers to take the electric car risk. The conversion of the Model 3 was partly uncharted territory, but now he knows the right service provider for it, which he is happy to mediate, he explained.


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And the statement of costs he has now published could help arouse more interest in the offer. Because red on cream-colored, it can be seen, for example, that Bertram had to spend exactly $ 0 month after month for maintenance work on the Tesla Model 3 from August 2019 to August 2020. A Dodge Charger, on the other hand, which is also still in use in Bagersville, incurred lower maintenance costs almost every month, and once even almost $ 2,000.

Tesla will save $ 6,755 in 13 months

Likewise, the Dodge Charger needed oil for $ 37-38 every other month and, of course, constant gasoline. The costs for this amounted to several hundred dollars every month with the exception of May 2020 (probably because of the corona lockdown) and thus made up the largest block overall. In total, in the 13 months to August 2020, maintenance and operating costs for the combustion engine were exactly $ 7,580.

In the case of the Tesla Model 3, on the other hand, the Maintenance column remained empty, there is no one for oil, and the police got electricity for significantly less money than gasoline for the charger: The energy costs for the Tesla were only around 60 dollars in most months compared to sometimes ten times as much for gasoline with combustion engines. Overall, the picture is very clear: The Bagersville police spent $ 7,580 on their Dodge, and not even a four-digit figure for the Tesla Model 3 at $ 825. The savings in the first 13 months are a whopping $ 6,755, and even after a year it was already $ 6,320, more than budgeted.


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