Police chief excited with Tesla Model 3 after seven months, Model Y will soon want to join

This February, the police in Westport, Connecticut, were among the first in the world to put a Tesla Model 3 into service – and after the first seven months, the head of the agency was now extremely satisfied with it. Two YouTubers who were interested in the dark police Tesla were even allowed to ride on this occasion. And Westport’s chief police officer announced that he would soon also want to buy a Tesla Model Y and advised other police chiefs to take the electric car risk as well.

Tesla saves money and is fast

Before the purchase of the first Tesla Model 3, the local police had carefully checked the costs, Westport chief Foti Koskinas told the YouTube channel Now You Know. The calculations were provided by a local environmental organization, which predicted that the electric car would save a total of $ 13,370 over three years compared to a comparable combustion company car. That and the very ecologically minded population in the small town northeast of New York City largely tipped the balance in favor of the Tesla.

In addition, the Tesla Model 3 has another advantage that the police should not underestimate: Its rapid acceleration is not only fun, but also helps to quickly catch up with cars that have exceeded speed limits – and unlike a strong one You don’t even hear the Tesla’s combustion engine roar. Chief Koskinas puts the range at around 300 miles per charge, so it should be the Model 3 with a large battery and all-wheel drive, which, according to Tesla USA, takes 4.4 seconds from 0-60 mph.

In order to be put into police service, the Tesla needed some special modifications, for example additional antennas and of course sirens and lights, Koskinas further reports in the video. That was partly new territory because of the Tesla glass roof, but he now knows the right service providers for it – and they are very keen to convert Tesla for other police authorities. After his initial experience, he could only advise taking this risk, says the chief of Westport Chief – “the savings are definitely there”.

Tesla Model Y should follow soon

According to Koskinas, his police are already preparing to buy their second Tesla, this time a Model Y. With the same battery, it is only around 3,000 dollars more expensive than the Model 3, but offers more headroom and storage space. He already knew of a workshop that is currently checking how a Tesla Model Y could be used for police authorities, said the head of Westport.


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