Police: Damage to the Tesla workshop and cars in Berlin probably not political

The report even made it into the English-language media and initially a political background was suspected, but after a few days the police changed their assessment: over the weekend, strangers damaged several windows and glass doors at a location as well as electric cars from Tesla in Berlin, whereupon the state security was switched on . But the first suspicion of a politically motivated attack could apparently not be substantiated: “The state security did not take over the investigation. They are now run locally, “a spokeswoman for the Berlin police told on Wednesday when asked.

Perpetrators did not break into Tesla buildings

In the police report on Sunday, Tesla itself was not mentioned, only a “vehicle manufacturer”. But according to Google Maps, there is only one company of this type on the street named in it in the southwestern Berlin district of Bohnsdorf, namely Tesla, so it is clear whose buildings and cars were the target. At least two German media outlets reported on Sunday and Monday that it was a showroom, Tesla itself states that the location has both a service center and a store.

According to the police in their statement, four windows and two glass doors on the building rented by Tesla and three windows from neighboring companies were damaged. In addition, eight cars were smeared with fire extinguishing foam and one of them also had the front and side windows damaged. However, the perpetrator or perpetrators did not enter the building, as the spokeswoman stated on Wednesday.

Police change their assessment

At first there was a political motivation for the damage, which is why, according to the police report, the state security took over the investigation. According to the spokeswoman on Wednesday, that has already been done, although she did not give any reasons for the changed assessment. In contrast to the arson on a Tesla Model 3 in Berlin in July 2020, no letter of confession has appeared on the relevant pages.

Two neighboring business people (not the ones affected) confirmed by telephone that they had heard of what had happened over the weekend. However, they were not questioned by the police and did not even inspect the damage themselves – they do not seem to be in a state of excitement in the industrial park because of the incident. However, one of the respondents was sure that it was specifically sought out, because you can’t simply get past its relatively remote location.


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