Police heard Dutchman logging into Trump’s Twitter account

“It was a witness interrogation, not a suspect interrogation,” says Gevers in response to a report from de Volkskrant. According to Gevers, the police wanted to know “in detail” what he had done. “They took the time to document and explain everything as well and clearly as possible.”

Gevers said last month that after seven attempts, he managed to log into Trump’s account @realdonaldtrump. That would be the password ‘maga2020!’ , a reference to his campaign slogan Make America Great Again. Moreover, Trump would not have put additional security in place on the account. Givers would therefore have been able to view Trump’s private messages and tweet on Trump’s behalf. Gevers’ story has been contradicted by Twitter and the White House.

Gevers is an ethical hacker, who tries to break into digital systems to protect users, not to abuse them himself. Ethical hacking is in principle allowed, but hackers must adhere to certain conditions. For example, the owner of the system should be given the opportunity to repair the hole found. This process is called ‘responsible disclosure’ (RD) or ‘coordinated vulnerability disclosure’ (CVD).


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