Police hold game tournament for youth: ‘They don’t hang on the street like that’

Young people can register through their municipality. The police hope to give the young people something like that, so that they will not cause unrest outside.

Participants can win great prizes according to the police and ESL Benelux. For example, a PlayStation 5 is ready for the winners. However, the youngsters must then behave well until after the turn of the year. Young people who come into contact with the police do not receive a prize if they win.

“In the past nine months, young people have come to know the government and the police mainly because of all the restrictive measures surrounding corona,” says Roel van der Groes of the police. “With our game project we want to show that we are not only about enforcement. That we think along with what is still possible, offer an alternative. And on the other hand, we also hope to prevent young people from hanging on the street out of boredom in the latter. December days. “

The tournament of the popular football game FIFA 21 is made up of a number of elimination rounds. Young people first play against other players from their municipality, the winner continues, the loser drops out. Eventually, a number of players end up in the final round where they compete for the PlayStation 5.

ESL Benelux has created a channel via the Discord chat service, where gamers can ask the police questions while playing.


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