Police search homes in research provider ddos ​​attacks

Two 19-year-old men from those places are allegedly involved in an international website called a booter website, which is known to the police for carrying out DDOS attacks.

The investigation started after a report of a game server that had become a victim of a ddos ​​attack via this website. Dozens of reports from companies and organizations have followed since January, according to the police.

In a ddos ​​attack, websites are bombarded with data, which overloads the servers. Home delivery, among others, was recently the victim of a DDOS attack.

The searches included the seizure of computers and telephones. The men from Winschoten and Spijkenisse will be interrogated later, according to the police, who indicate that the investigation is continuing.

Organizations facing threats from DDOS attacks should not give cyber criminals money to prevent such an attack, police said. “This may seem like a quick fix to make your site reachable again, but you run the risk of getting rid of it. In addition, you maintain a criminal network and system.”


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