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Police soap with French battle | Movie

Virginie Efira: remember that name! This Belgian actress has grown into a star of French cinema and will soon also be seen in the title role of Paul Verhoeven’s erotic nun drama. Benedetta. In Police as policewoman Omar Sy (Intouchables) as a colleague. The two are also lovers, although her character is married and the mother of a young child.

Anne Fontaine plays quite inconsistently with shifting perspectives during a long, long working day. This is followed by a night shift in which Virginie (Efira) and Aristide (Sy), together with duty knocker Erik (Grégory Gadebois), have to put a refugee (Payman Maadi) on a plane to be deported to Kazakhstan. They don’t understand a word of what he says, but according to the officer his file speaks volumes: the man in the backseat of their police car will soon be flying towards certain death. That creates doubts and rebellion.

Although the actors are little to blame, Police never much more than a mess. The director addresses a multitude of themes, but does not elaborate on them sufficiently. Furthermore, her film is contending with incredible story twists and an accumulation of emotional entanglements that feel far-fetched. But what is especially missing is the driving force to bind them together.



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