Police warn: Fake shops lure with cheap firewood

After several incidents, the police warn of online scams when buying wood. Several people in Lower Bavaria fell for fake shops that supposedly offer cheap firewood and cheap pellets.

800 euros – that’s the sum that a woman from Lower Bavaria transferred to a French account. But she never received the wood pellets that she supposedly bought with it. The same happened to a man from near Deggendorf, he expected two tons of pellets. The two fell for an online scam that the police are currently warning about.

The fraudsters obviously want to take advantage of the rising energy prices and set up fake shops on the Internet where wood fuel is supposedly cheap. According to the police, the presentation of the shops is deceptively real, there is even an imprint. Consumers should therefore be particularly careful, especially with offers that are temptingly cheap. If the goods offered are significantly below the usual market prices, this is an indication of possible fraud. At that point at the latest, an online search can provide clarity. If you search for the name of the shop in question, the search results usually reveal quickly whether it is a serious offer.

If you come across such an offer, you can report it. One contact for this is, for example, consumer protection – click here for the online presence.

If you have been the victim of such a scam, you should report it to your local police immediately.

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