Police warn: Tesla wheels in Los Angeles asked by thieves – “Activate Sentry Mode”

The police for the most populous part of the US metropolis Los Angeles conduct intensive public relations work on social media. On the Twitter account LAPD Pacific, for example, she provides information about current crimes and arrests – and occasionally also advises citizens. She is currently worried about Tesla owners: The rims and tires of the electric cars are in great demand on the black market, warn the officials, and immediately name possible protective measures.

Police show Tesla without wheels

The Twitter warning from LAPD Pacific was accompanied by a presumably recent photo showing a Tesla Model 3 parked on the edge of a street. However, the blue car lacks the wheels – instead it is jacked up on crates of drinks. Specifically, there is an increased demand for rolling Tesla stolen goods in the Palms and Mar Vista districts, the police informed. She did not reveal how many of the cases shown were there last.

The call suggests that the problem is at least widespread – and because Teslas have long been the target of criminal desires in other ways, the Sentry or Guard mode has been around since 2019. It was actually developed to film the perpetrators of one of the more frequent Tesla break-ins for the purpose of theft from the interior with the outside cameras. Since then, he has also helped clear up many cases of vandalism against the Teslas themselves or in their environment.

And the guard is of course also suitable for preventing cases of bicycle theft, if not then at least recognizing and perhaps finding the perpetrators. The LAPD Pacific also points this out in its Twitter message. “Activate the Sentry mode”, it says, and the technology education for endangered Tesla owners goes even further: For recordings, you have to insert a flash memory, the police informed, and immediately provided a link to an explanation -Video on YouTube.

Warning for Tesla owners only

Good police service for residents and visitors of the two districts with bike thieves looking for Tesla in Los Angeles. No such warning appears to have been issued to owners of other brands. Nevertheless, the message still contains a note that could be helpful for any car even without a Tesla guard: if possible, only park in well-lit places.


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