Political expert Filzmaier on budget: “We will have to tighten our belts”

10,000, 100,000, one million euros. “Urviel”: In this Collection category sums fall above a certain amount.

political scientist Peter Filzmaier wants to say in the usual humorous manner that the population this week was probably not particularly interested in the heated budget debate in parliament.

SPÖ, FPÖ and Neos criticized finance ministers Gernot Blümel sharp. There was also great enthusiasm for the embarrassing turn of numbers on Thursday evening. Flower forgot to state “in million euros” in the application. Almost 102,000 euros instead of 102 billion euros would have been decided as an upper spending limit.

In vain, however, the din in parliament was by no means. “The opposition is doing its democratic-political job,” says Filzmaier on Friday evening in the “ZiB2”. It can – and should – identify errors as part of its control function. And he notes with a smile that the serious calculation error happened “on the day of the mathematics Matura”.

Robbing is not an option

The issue of budget is only of interest to the masses when there is no money anywhere. And that will probably happen soon. In the Corona crisis, the government the slogan issued: “It doesn’t matter what it is”.

In times of existential fear, that was what everyone wanted to hear, says Filzmaier. If the state has to spend a lot more in the long run, the question arises: where does the money come from?

That the government robbing someone in the park is unlikely, says Filzmaier. Tax increases for higher earners or millionaire taxes have also been ruled out.

The political scientist’s less-than-optimistic prognosis: it is like a Christmas present that has been announced, but is probably not being entirely redeemed. “We will have to tighten our belts at some point.”

“Many don’t understand that”

The topic was also the easing of the corona measures, which the government have been announced. Filzmaier reminded again of the previous mistakes: Chancellor Sebastian Kurz have turned the spiral of fear when he spoke of hundreds of thousands of deaths and said that soon each of us will know someone who died of Corona. And the curfews as they were constantly communicated were not covered by the relevant regulation.

Or the exceptions in the gastronomythat do not seem to be quite conclusive to some. Filzmaier describes: On the way to a restaurant, two people who do not have a shared apartment have to keep one meter away in the automobile or in the public transport you have to wear a mask.

In the restaurant, however, they can sit at a table with two other strangers, alternately even on their laps. Just to keep your distance on the way home and wear masks. Filzmaier: “Many don’t understand that.”

The government I would therefore be well advised to build less on rules and more on personal responsibility.


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