Politicians’ company cars in the DUH-Check 2020: the biggest CO2 sinners

DUH-Check: These ten politicians drive the dirtiest company cars

In 2020, Deutsche Umwelthilfe again checked the company cars of top German politicians. The ten biggest CO2 sinners – and why plug-in hybrids play such a big role!

Zat the 14th time German Environmental Aid (DUH) the Company car of top German politicians on their Environmental sustainability examined. During the company car check 2020, a total of 240 politicians at federal and state level were surveyed with 235 company vehicles. Result: With one average CO2 emissions of 227 grams per kilometer According to DUH, the values ​​are even above the average of the previous year (225 g CO2 / km). All in all, the DUH sees “an alarming trend towards climate-damaging CO2 slingshots”.

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Why is that? The crux of the matter is that Type of emissions determination. The DUH rates the company car according to CO2 emissions in real driving, not according to the official consumption data. The basis is the report “From Laboratory to Road” 2017 by the independent research institute International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), co-uncoverer of the VW emissions scandal. Accordingly, the discrepancy between paper and reality 39 percent.

Plug-in hybrids are mainly used as combustion engines

The DUH sees plug-in hybrids as particularly critical in this contextwhose share in the use by public servants by 31 percent last year rose to 43 percent (2020). According to Deutsche Umwelthilfe mostly driven in combustion modewhich is the main reason for the discrepancy. Therefore, the determination of the real CO2 emissions is based on the official fuel consumption data in WLTP mode when the battery is not charged. For electric drives, the DUH used the CO2 content of the German electricity mix from 2019.

Only 15 politician company cars without a “red card”

Overall, the DUH distributed during their company car check seven “green cards”, eight “yellow cards” and 220 “red cards”. There was green for compliance with the one that has been in force since 2020 EU fleet limit of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer in real operation, for yellow, the value could be exceeded by up to 20 percent. The DUH literally saw red when it was exceeded by 20 percent in real operation – as by the way at all federal ministers (The specially protected vehicles of the Federal Chancellor, the Defense Minister, the Finance, Health, Interior and Foreign Minister were left out).

It looks no different with them Prime Ministers and Mayors from whose ranks even the dirtiest company car comes once again. Even the carriages of the Environment ministers do not cut a good figure with an average of 207 g / km real CO2 emissions – including the car of Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD). In the gallery AUTO BILD shows the ten federal ministers and heads of state with the dirtiest company cars in the DUH-Check 2020!


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