Poll: PS5 Dualsense is best controller ever

In a poll by BAFTA Games, the PS5’s Dualsense was the best controller of all time.

Over the past few decades, console manufacturers have repeatedly tried out new concepts – from analog sticks to rumble motors to position sensors for more immersion. Some of these experiments were well received by players, while others were rarely used by developers. The organizers of the BAFTA Awards wanted

in a survey
know from the player base which controller has been the most popular over the past few decades.

Guitar, dance mat and Wii Mote

In addition to the iconic DualShock controller of the Playstation 2, the GameCube controller, the gamepad of the SNES or the unusual pad of the Dreamcast were also available. With the guitar controller from “Guitar Hero”, a dance mat, the Kinect camera or the Wii controller, unusual controller concepts also competed for victory.

Sony in the top spots

Ultimately, the poll ended in a final between the DualShock controller of the Playstation 2 and the DualSense controller of the current Playstation 5. Despite the retro bonus of the PS2 pad, the players were ultimately more convinced of the new concept of the PS5 controller. This makes the DualSense the most popular controller of all time.

Many innovations in the DualSense

With its adaptive triggers, the DualSense is a real added value, especially in shooters and racing games. The vibration has also been significantly improved and simulates different surfaces or impacts. The built-in microphone, on the other hand, ensures that cooperative games can be played with friends without a headset. In addition, the PS5 controller is even better in the hand and also convinces with the battery life. A deserved win!

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