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Poop bacteria in bratwurst, burgers and beef finches from Albert Heijn

The poo bacteria was also found on the mini burgers 10 pieces, hamburger 8 pieces and 4 pieces, beef bratwurst 4 pieces and beef finch 2 pieces from Albert Heijn.

They have an expiry date of 24 and / or 25 September. The supermarket already reported on Friday that the AH hamburger 2 pieces, with an expiry date of September 25, 2020, have been contaminated with the poop bacteria E. coli.

Albert Heijn: Pay attention to products in your freezer

The products are no longer on the supermarket shelves, but people can still have them in the freezer. Albert Heijn asks customers not to eat them anymore but to bring them back to the store. They will then receive the purchase amount back.

The gut bacteria E. coli can cause diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Infection can be particularly dangerous for young children, the elderly, people with a weakened immune system and pregnant women.

Clarity of masks requested

Today Albert Heijn is not only drawing attention to the poop bacteria. Frans Muller, CEO of retail group Ahold Delhaize, wants clarity from the government about the wearing of face masks. In the company’s stores, including Albert Heijn but also Etos and Gall & Gall, it is recommended to wear them, but they are not checked. “It is not our job to enforce the door,” Muller said on television Buitenhof.

Now there is an urgent advice from the government to wear mouth masks. Many stores follow that, but don’t refuse customers without a face mask. Some other stores do require masks, such as De Bijenkorf. The lack of clarity that this produces can only be removed by the government, according to Muller. “We have a lot of contact with the government and also with the Central Bureau for Food Trade (CBL), about this, among other things.”

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Poop bacteria in bratwurst, burgers and beef finches from Albert Heijn


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