Pope likes racy bikini model photo on Instagram: “At least I’m going to heaven”

Panic widespread in the Vatican when it suddenly became known that the Pope had liked a spicy photo of a Brazilian bikini model. According to his entourage, it is impossible for the Pope himself to have anything to do with it. He doesn’t care about his Instagram account. He has a whole army of employees for that. The Vatican is now investigating what exactly happened.

Pope Francis is extremely popular on social media. He has a whopping 7.4 million followers on Instagram. He himself does not follow anyone. According to the Pope’s social media team, he should give his permission to send a tweet in his name to the world. But he has never liked a photo before.

Natalia Garibotto

The entire Vatican was completely amazed when it suddenly appeared that the Instagram account of Pope Francis had suddenly liked a photo. And not just any photo. Nope, it was a rather racy piece of Brazilian bikini model Natalia Garibotto.

Garibotto is a well-known gamer in her home country, who shares her activities with the world through Twitch, among other things. That’s a streaming platform best known among gamers. In addition, she also works as a model, and has a lot of (sponsored) posts on Instagram.

Garibotto only shares most of her photos with people who register through her site. Only those people get to see those “exclusive” photos. But every now and then she also throws one on Instagram. Thus, her 2.4 million followers also get one sneek peak.

“Official approval of the Pope”

A similar photo would have been liked by Pope Francis’s account. The Brazilian can be seen in a sexy version of a school uniform. Natalia Garibotto’s management was the first to notice the like and used it to advertise.

Garibotto himself would also have responded to the (meanwhile deleted) like. “At least I’m going to heaven,” she wrote on Twitter. During an interview for the blog Barstool Sports, she joked that her mother hates the revealing photos, “but the Pope clicks!”

Obviously, the Pope himself did not like the photo. He has a whole team of employees who take care of his social media. Chances are that someone of those people with the wrong account accidentally gave the photo of Natalia Garibotto a heart.


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