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The FNV’s call to scrap the fine on the early retirement hit the DFT readers like a bomb. But stories about KLM and the disappearance of the ancient stamps at Albert Heijn were also popular last week.

FNV chairman Han Busker calls for an extension of the arrangements to stop working earlier. According to him, a fine on early retirement works out well for both young and old.

Albert Heijn’s decision to phase out the existing system with savings cards and adhesive stamps is not unexpected. It may be a pity for some elderly people, but for young people, saving via their bonus card is of course a much better alternative.

As the state’s representative as a major shareholder, Minister Wopke Hoekstra (Finance) has a firm job at KLM. At the beginning of this week, he voted against the bonus of CEO Benjamin Smith, but will now mainly have to fight for the jobs and routes at KLM.

Jumbo also faces major challenges. The supermarkets are running well in this era of corona, but restaurant chain La Place is struggling. If La Place had not been part of Jumbo Groep Holding, it would probably have gone bankrupt, according to financial director Ton van Veen.

Vion was discredited because the slaughter giant had ignored transportation arrangements. Many employees contracted the corona virus as a result.

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