Popular Eyeballs nominated for Silver Nipkow Disc

The BNNVARA series Eyeballs follows four different families in which the parents struggle with the education of their children. However, the bar of the parents is set high, because according to them life is feasible and above all it has to be perfect. That is only a little tricky if the children are far from perfect and the parents themselves muddle around a bit

The series is directed by Will Koopman, the third series is in the works. Bracha van Doesburgh, Malou Gorter, Ramsey Nasr, Maryam Hassouni, Jeroen Spitzenberger, Eva van der Gucht and Mike Lebanon, among others, play in the series. The jury praises Eyeballs for its recognizability “for anyone who is a parent or child. Viewers of all ages can identify with the warmth and distress of the family.”

Front messages (also BNNVARA) is hailed as the best TV initiative that emerged from the corona crisis. “If we can call the fight against the virus a war, Front reports reported directly from the trenches, by the people with the guns and bayonets in hand,” the jury said.

Travel reporter Stef Biemans has with the VPRO series Letters to Andalusia according to the jury “made a wonderful series. He not only reports on the meandering life between southern Spain between tradition and globalization, but the series is gradually becoming more and more an account of his own migration, with wife and children, from Nicaragua. ”

The jury gives a special mention to the program 100 days for the class of Tim den Besten and Nicolaas Veul. The oldest and most important television award in the Netherlands will be presented on 25 June. It will be a sober ceremony, because of the corona crisis.


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