Popular sleep tracker app now only costs half

Smart monitoring of sleep and then waking you up wisely? Goes with Sleep as Android, a very well known and popular app for Android phones.

If you want to optimize your sleep and want an intelligent alarm clock for this, you should definitely get started with your smartphone Sleep as Android look at. The Android app, which has been established for many years, is currently cheaper, namely only costs half as much. This is a decent discount because you now only pay 4.99 instead of 9.99 euros. According to the Play Store, the current promotion should expire in two days, so it will probably be available until September 10th.

Sleep as Android measures your sleep. With this you can analyze when you sleep better and when you sleep worse with the previous daily routine and your food intake. The intelligent alarm clock doesn’t wake you up at a certain time, but adapts to your sleep cycles. A period of time is configured for this in which you will definitely be woken up. What is different here is that the app waits for a phase of light sleep, which makes waking up much more relaxed.

There are significantly more functions, such as more pleasant alarm tones, the integration of well-known streaming services, support for various wearables, etc.

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