Popular TikTokkers Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler end up in jail

It is rumbling in TikTokland because two popular TikTokkers, Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler, who are part of the so-called Sway Boys, were arrested by the police. The two are said to have owned marijuana. Meanwhile, they are said to have been bought out of the cell, but the arrest caused quite a stir.

Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler are among the hottest people on TikTok. The two are part of the Sway Boys and have millions of fans. The two also live in the famous Hype House in Los Angeles, where many TikTokkers and other influencers live together.


Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler were stopped by police while on a road trip in Texas. Although the boys themselves have not yet confirmed anything, the documents of their arrest are circulating on the internet. The two were arrested for drug possession. Specifically, Bryce and Jaden are said to have carried marijuana.

In addition, images of the arrest circulate – ironically – TikTok. The TikTok video shows how the two are handcuffed by the police. Ironically – @ m.arijuana, the person who made the video saw Bryce just before he was arrested for using the toilet where he / she works. This made it clear that the two TikTokkers were involved.

Josh Richards

There are also rumors meanwhile that Bryce took the blame and that it was actually Josh Richards, another member of the Sway Boys, who was carrying drugs. Josh is a Canadian and was at risk of being deported if he was arrested. And then he would no longer be able to live in the Hype House and leave his friends behind.

Nessa Barrett, yes, again a TikTokker and Josh Richards’ girlfriend, already cryptically voiced those accusations. “Don’t talk about situations you have nothing to do with,” she said on Twitter. In doing so, she did not deny Josh’s involvement, but did want to make it clear that it is nobody’s business what exactly is going on. But many fans of the famous TikTokkers disagree. Because the boys have a lot of young, underage fans and they therefore have to set an example to them.


Fans were quick to launch a hashtag to get the boys out. The hashtag #FreeSway was also used by the other residents of the Hype House and quickly gained popularity.

Fans massively sent tweets using the hashtag to release their favorite TikTokkers. And that was not without success because in the meantime the two would be free again.

Free on deposit

Bryce and Jaden are said to be released on bail by now. The deposit would have been paid by fellow TikTokster Addison Rae. This is surprising since Addison had a relationship with Bryce in the past. Her mom confirmed on Instagram yesterday that her daughter is no longer a couple with Bryce. But now that she’s supposedly paying the penalty payment for him, fans seem to be convinced the two are together again.

Before the boys were arrested, Bryce shared another TikTok, stating that it was the last before they would arrive on the AirBnB. But that turned out differently for the men.

@ Brycehall

ok last one until we’re at the airbnb @joshrichards @jadenhossler

Sound original sound – livy.divy


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