Popular Volkswagen electric car back to garage for software update

Owners of a Volkswagen ID3 are asked to come to the garage for a software update. Volkswagen importer PON confirms this after reporting in the Financieele Dagblad.

The car is immensely popular in the Netherlands. Last year, just under 11,000 of them were sold. More than the Tesla Model 3, which was purchased more than 8,300 times.


In any case, considerably more electric cars were sold in our country last year. This was partly due to a favorable arrangement from the government: those who bought a new electric car, such as the Volkswagen ID3, received a subsidy of 4,000 euros.

But the pride of the German automaker does not always turn out to be successful. There are many complaints about technology in the car and the range. Some cars, brand new and just on the road, even stop completely.

‘Safety not at stake’

A Volkswagen spokesperson argues against the FD that the safety of the car is not at stake and that it is a ‘voluntary software update’. The company doesn’t want to call it a recall.

Importer PON indicates that the software update was already planned. Owners are invited to come to the garage in March. About the problems that many people encounter, the spokesperson says “that an immediate solution is available in almost all cases.”


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