Pornhub will authenticate users with ‘biometric technology’

Pornhub, one of the world’s largest pornographic websites, has announced a new set of measures to tackle abuse on the platform. The porn site was in the spotlight late last year after images of child rape were found on the site.

The New York Times revealed last year that many of the 6.8 million videos posted annually on Pornhub featured underage sexual abuse and involuntary sex.

Users could also download the videos directly from the website, allowing anyone to re-upload deleted illegal content. That led the credit card companies Visa and Mastercard to stop processing payments for the porn site.

Pornhub responded in December with the announcement that only partners of the website and those who generate ad revenue through the website will be able to upload videos. The site has also removed all video content uploaded by unauthenticated users. About 8.8 million videos were involved.

Biometric technology

In a new statement, the company says, among other things, that it will outsource verification on its platform to Yoti, a company that verifies users’ identities. This will be done on the basis of “a current photo and an identification document approved by the government”.

“Yoti checks the validity of the ID and links the user’s ID to his photo using secure biometric technology,” the statement said. Examples of biometric technology are fingerprint reading, facial recognition and iris scans.

Pornhub will also release more details on how its moderators will operate from now on. For example, they will “regularly check search terms within the platform for increases in formulations that try to circumvent the existing protections”. The moderators will also be better trained, better supported and offered therapy, according to the company.

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