Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS (2021): Presentation 2021?

The GT4 is currently the most advanced version of the 718 Cayman. But Porsche wants with that GT4 RS add one more. Just like the GT4 (420 PS and 420 Nm), the GT4 RS, which has been further optimized for the racetrack, will also run on the Four liter teat put. in the RS, the boxer will probably have 500 hp to the rear wheels and could come very close to the GT3. In addition to additional air inlets in the front apron, the GT4 RS probably comes with Naca air slots in the front hood and central locking rims. In addition, ventilation gills are embedded in the rear side windows – presumably to supply the mid-engine with more cooling air.

Cayman GT4 RS from 130,000 euros?

That the GT4 RS is like its big brother GT3 RS exclusively with PDK will be available is likely, but not yet confirmed. In return, the mid-engine athlete gets the XXL rear wing in gooseneck designthat the upcoming 911 (992) GT3 and GT3 RS will also carry. There are still questions about the price and market launch. The normal 718 Cayman GT4 currently starts at 97,427 euros, and the GT4 RS is likely to be a whole lot more expensive. AUTO BILD assumes that the Cayman top model around 130,000 euros should cost. The question of the market launch is not that easy to answer. In 2020 – as was speculated – the GT4 RS did not come as we know. We assume that the Presentation in summer 2021 will be held.


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