Porsche 911 GT3 RS: everything you need to know about the new GT3 RS

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is the most radical 911. This will not change in the fourth generation either. With a teaser, Porsche showed the Über-911 of the 992 generation even before the official premiere (planned for August 17, 2022).


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The 911 RSR and GT3 R racing cars were the inspiration for the development of the new GT3 RS, which gives us a lot to expect.

Visually even wilder than its predecessor

But first to the optics. The big brother of the GT3 is still camouflaged, but you can already see that this Porsche is serious! According to the press release, the new GT3 RS is “more optimized than ever for use on circuits”.

In addition to the turbo body, which is wider than that of the GT3, and the front wheel arch ventilation (since 991.1 GT3 RS), AUTO BILD expects the usual brutal rear design, including a central twin pipe exhaust. The front wheel arches are still camouflaged – behind them there should be Air Curtains, which also contribute to the aerodynamics.

The GT3 RS will be even wilder in terms of aerodynamics: the diffuser at the rear will be much more concise than before. The new rear wing with the “swan neck” mounts pointing backwards is particularly striking – it is significantly larger than the wing of the “normal” GT3 and comes with double horizontal guide elements.

High-revving boxers in the rear

That will please Porsche fans: The GT3 RS will also remain with the high-revving naturally aspirated engine, which should certainly pose some challenges for the design department. On the one hand due to emissions, on the other hand in terms of outperforming the predecessor.
Porsche 911 GT3 RS

The most powerful GT3 RS to date is the 991.2 generation – with 520 hp from a classic naturally aspirated engine.

Because the 991.2 GT3 RS was with a maximum speed of 9000 rpm and an output of 520 hp from a displacement of four liters is an absolute exception. For the new GT3 RS, however, the developers are probably still turning the horsepower screw up a bit – according to rumors with an increase in the maximum speed to 9500 rpm.

Base price for the GT3 RS probably over 200,000 euros

Where the journey will take us in terms of performance can only be speculated on. 530 to 550 hp are probably realistic. When it comes to the transmission in the RS, there is certainly still no getting around the PDK. There are rumors that the upcoming GT3 RS generation will not have an eight-speed PDK (as with all other current 911s), but will continue to use a seven-speed PDK.

There will be certainty on August 17, when the Über-Elfer will be officially presented. A little later it will roll to the dealers, the starting price will probably be beyond the 200,000 euro mark. For comparison: the current 911 GT3 is available from 179,299 euros.

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