Porsche Cayman GT4 RS: Simply awesome!

To wipe the arguments off the table at the regulars’ table: That’s right, there are stronger guys. There are also faster sprinters. And some cars that go around the Nordschleife in less time.

But no other sports car fascinates, bewitches and tickles more than Porsche’s new 718 Cayman GT4 RS. No massive turbo engine in the world can resist its high-revving subtlety, no chassis divides curves into sharper cuts than this mid-engine coupé, which feels balanced by the gram, manages, in no other bolide does the driver feel the asphalt so finely via the steering.
Porsche Cayman GT4 RS

The titanium exhaust with volume and thin walls trumpets.

In short: the 500 hp and 315 km/h top Cayman celebrates the role of the driver’s car to perfection. In seven chapters, we explain where the new Porsche sets the standards, and thus celebrate a driving machine that will probably never find a successor. Certainly not a conqueror.

Sound: a lot of pressure, all colors, great joy!

Basically we can skip these chapters – sound (especially this one!) can hardly be described. However, we can set forth the annexes of the RS.

The titanium exhaust with volume and thin walls trumpets, high speeds buzz up to over 9000 rpm, less insulation in the sheet metal allows development, intake slurping from a turbo-free system roars and howls directly in the ears of the passengers – the heavenly-hellish sound is a loud, shrill, work of art that lures you into addiction.

Concept: uncompromising cornering

Others can soften. Where rubber bushings usually guide suspension links, inexorable ball joints lock the suspension to the body on the GT4 RS. Where in all other cars the last gear stages are trimmed to overdrive, Porsche turns us dizzy up to the top speed with short gear wheel pairs.

Porsche Cayman GT4 RS

At the front left you get the insight: No car can be driven more delicately.

Instead of going through grilles in the apron, the Cayman slurps its combustion air through openings behind the B-pillar – who needs side windows here anyway. Elaborate lightweight construction, drive and chassis from motorsport, diffuser and wings variable as well as enormously heat-resistant and bite-resistant brakes have been condensed by Porsche into a blazing racer for Sundays.

Possibly even for every day: in fact, depending on the program button, the shock absorbers even work in a soft mode, and passengers are even allowed to listen to music if they wish.

Driving experience: couldn’t be finer

Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, adapted tires, adjustable shock absorbers, aerodynamics designed for extra downforce – all of this adds up to a kind of Pattex effect. With insanely unwavering cornering, the Porsche leans against imaginary crash barriers in radii.
Porsche Cayman GT4 RS

Cayman at the limit: The GT4 RS is the most expensive type of the 718 series. And the best and fastest.

The car never feels unpredictable, initiates the border area with delicate understeering or slightly imminent oversteering. The rigidity of the car, the exact reactions and the outstanding precision result in the most engaging and sensual high-speed driving experience of the day.

He’s just the right size for that. Assessable, to be fine-tuned, also classified sufficiently below the massive 911s according to the subjective feeling and yet mature enough to leave playful compacts far behind.

Brakes: right up to the limit

Pads, which are guided by one-piece calipers and pressed on by six pistons each, bite into the front discs, which are up to 402 millimeters in size. Hoses encased in steel mesh carry the hydraulic pressure to the tongs.

Porsche Cayman GT4 RS

Ceramic composite brake disc of the PCCB system.

The driver feels this as a high-precision pressure point that never moves and certainly does not show any of its strength. So the GT4 RS anchors on the one hand wonderfully brute, on the other hand unexpectedly definable. heat stress? Never!

The discs made of ceramic and carbon fiber can withstand acute frictional heat very well, and the GT4 RS also scoops additional cooling air onto the system via the Naca nozzles in the front hood. If anything can tame the beastly 500 hp of the RS, then these miracle brakes.

Drive: Sport at heart

Insanely high speeds, turbo-free breathing, trimmed for explosive response via individual throttle valves, an oil-thirsty dry sump lubrication system whips the lubricant through the bores, and instead of limp hydraulic valve lifters, rigid rocker arms whir on the valve stems – a masterpiece (fire)work is at work here.

Porsche Cayman GT4 RS

It also works without a turbo monster engine. A six-cylinder boxer with 500 hp works in the Cayman.

To do this, the machine was rotated 180 degrees and packed behind the seats – originally it was the other way around in the 911 GT3. The structure is as complex as the performance development is as binding: there is thrust from around 6000 rpm, at 8500 rpm you can slowly think about switching gears, at just over 9000 the four-liter engine monster bleats in the limiter. Clearly: the soul of the GT4 RS has six cylinders.

Fascination: Porsche in every joint

Sure, the Stuttgart have more expensive cars in the program. An icon has long been in the showroom anyway – it’s the 911. Where’s a 718 Cayman GT4 RS then? We mean: on a very own pedestal.
Adorned with a trophy for THE driving machine, awarded gold for the greedy and unique nature, honored with a medal for the greatest chunk of Porsche feeling – including a six-point seat belt and roll cage. Like the Carrera GT and 918 Spyder, the GT4 RS will also show off in quartets and connoisseur garages. He gets laurels on the Nordschleife and Hockenheimring, not on the boulevard.

Steering: no one is more emotional

We are happy to dedicate a separate chapter to such a successful system. Still relaxed around the straight-ahead position and not even too hectic at 300 km/h, with increasing steering angle then extra direct in the translation to lead perfectly even in tight serpentines – something like this allows the steering rack of the steering “differently” equipped with notches.

If you want to know exactly: The range of the ratio of steering and wheel angle ranges from 16.9:1 to 12.25:1. The reset to its twelve o’clock position (almost automatically sucking and springing) fits perfectly. It’s almost play-free here anyway.

In short: there is no better, more beautiful or more precise way to direct a car.

Specifications and price: Porsche Cayman GT4 RS

• Engine Six-cylinder boxer, center lengthwise
• Displacement 3996cc
• Perfomance 368 kW (500 hp) at 8400 rpm
• Max. Torque 450 Nm at 6750 rpm
• Drive Rear wheel/7-speed DSG
• L/W/H 4456/1822/1267mm
• curb weight 1481kg
• 0-100/200km/h 3.6/11.3s
• Braking distance 100-0 km/h 33.2/31.7 m (cold/warm)
• Top speed 315km/h
• Consumption 12.5L SP/100km
• Price from 141,338 euros

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