Porsche dares to try an untried drive – a revolution for the electric car?


In fact, Porsche has had very good experiences with electric cars so far. Its electric pioneer Taycan is in demand. So asked that the company hires Audi employees to keep up with production in the Zuffenhausen plant.

Porsche’s head of development, Michael Steiner, also seems to be taken with electric cars, and in a Porsche press release he calls electric mobility “an absolutely inspiring and convincing technology”. And then limit it. “Taken by itself brings [die E-Mobilität] we are making progress less quickly in the direction of sustainability than we want to, ”he is quoted as saying. “That is why we are also committed to the topic of e-fuels.”

E-fuels (fuels is English for fuels) are considered a possible, but so far hardly explored alternative to batteries and fuel cells. You need two components in production: hydrogen obtained by electrolysis and carbon dioxide.

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E-car alternative has a big problem

The production of e-fuels is complex. First, hydrogen is generated from water. This requires large amounts of electricity. Then carbon dioxide, i.e. CO2, is used to produce a gas or a liquid as fuel from the hydrogen. Ideally, the CO2 comes from the air, so that a cycle is created and the combustion in the engine is climate-neutral. The fuel obtained can be used in modern combustion engines without any problems. Diesel and gasoline engines could already be CO2-neutral today. That’s the theory.

In practice, however, e-fuels have a problem: drivers hardly have any opportunity to fill up with e-fuels in Germany. They are not available on a large scale. And so far they have played a subordinate role in the political discussion about climate protection and the diesel crisis. In addition, environmentalists and green e-fuels are skeptical. They criticize the fact that green electricity is first used to produce hydrogen and then the fuel instead of driving cars directly.

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Steiner also admits that it is far more efficient to charge an electric car directly with green electricity. But he does not want to accept the argument forever, writes Porsche. “If we as mankind manage to use the renewable energy that is available in surplus worldwide, we can prioritize sustainability more than efficiency.”

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