Porsche embarks on electric utility with Sport Tourer Renndienst

In the midst of its wave of never-before-seen concept cars and prototypes, Porsche unveils an electric van under the name Sport Tourer Renndienst.

Yesterday, Porsche opened its box of secrets and brought to light many concepts and other prototypes never seen before. Among these, the Porsche 919 Street has thrown the Internet into a panic by bringing the great hours of GT1 homologated for the road up to date. But Porsche has also taken the exploration of its past a step further with an electric van.

Even though the Zuffenhausen firm now has an SUV and station wagon in its lineup, it is hard to see it investing in the utility segment. However, Porsche did it with the Renndienst, German translation for “race service”. Behind its futuristic design hides an evocation of the very rare Volkswagen T1 enhanced Rennsport from the 1960s. A van which then gave birth to a long series of Porsche technical assistance vehicles based on Volkswagen Combi.

A 761 hp electric motor like on the Taycan?

The evocation is very far from the famous Combi, itself reinterpreted by Wolfsburg with the I.D. Buzz. The Renndienst, on the other hand, shares the same technology as the Volkswagen concept and is therefore equipped with an electric drive. The latter allows great modularity due to the absence of traditional mechanical elements: the driver, installed in a central position, can compose with a completely empty cell to meet logistical needs, or allow five other passengers to invite themselves. on board.

On the other hand, Porsche did not specify the technical sheet of this electric utility and bodybuilder, designed in-house in 2018. Either at the time when the Taycan is preparing for its first walkabout behind the scenes. Can we consider the presence of 761 hp electric sedan in the Renndienst? History may or may not tell us that.


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