Porsche increases its stake in Rimac

Porsche has increased its stake in electric hypercar maker Rimac. The German firm now owns nearly a quarter of the small Croatian manufacturer. This agreement does not include decision-making power on the board of directors of Rimac for Porsche.

Since September 2019, Porsche owns 15% of the Croatian brand Rimac. The latter produces electric hypercars and components for electric vehicles. As part of their collaboration, the two manufacturers have strengthened their partnership. In total, Porsche has invested an additional 70 million euros in the Croatian manufacturer, thus increasing its stake to 24%. The German manufacturer will have no decision-making power but will increase its technical partnership with the small manufacturer.

“Rimac has positioned itself very well in prototype solutions and small series”, explains Lutz Meschke. The chairman of the executive committee of Porsche AG speaks of Rimac as a “Important partner for the development of components. Rimac will become one of the main partners of Porsche and other manufacturers in this high-tech segment. “

“Porsche has already placed its first orders for the development of highly innovative components. Both parties will benefit from this increased level of cooperation in the future. Mate Rimac inspires us with his innovative ideas, and he benefits from our production know-how and methodological expertise. “

This development of the partnership could also lead in the future to a purchase of Bugatti by Rimac. The Volkswagen group, which owns Porsche, is seeking to get rid of the legendary Alsatian manufacturer. Interested since last year by the acquisition of Bugatti, Rimac could therefore take the opportunity to acquire it. In exchange, Porsche would still recover shares in the capital of Rimac. To be continued …


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