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Porsche is investing in a startup that provides classy residential complexes to baby boomers

The Porsche digital unit joins The Embassies. The start-up from Zurich is planning to set up a global network of luxury senior housing complexes.

The founding team of The Embassies: Henning Weiss, Jan Garde and James Graves (from left)
The founding team of The Embassies: Henning Weiss, Jan Garde and James Graves (from left)
The Embassies

It may sound unusual at first glance. The sports car manufacturer Porsche, based in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, is investing through its digital division in a start-up that aims to provide high-standard living for older people. Wealthy and style-oriented – the team from Forward 31, the company builder of the automaker, should also have regular Porsche customers in mind.

The company, in which Porsche is now hopefully involved, is called The Embassies, started in Zurich and was founded by Jan Garde, Henning Weiss and James Graves. Garde is German and previously worked for the advertising agency Jung von Matt, then for an innovation department at Deutsche Telekom. Co-founder Weiss worked for the hotel chain 25hours in Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg for a long time. Porsche now wants to work with the founding team on expanding the idea.

Because: So far, none of the embassies exist. The aim is to set up around 30 locations in large cities with a high quality of life, including San Francisco, New York, London, Zurich, Copenhagen and Berlin. The aim is to convey living spaces that can be designed flexibly and according to the needs of the residents. The first location is expected to open in Europe in 2022. The startup positioned itself like a hotel: So it’s not about buying the property, but operating the accommodation.

Among its customers, The Embassies focuses on baby boomers, i.e. people born between 1946 and 1964. They want to lead a self-determined, fulfilled and healthy life for as long as possible, believes co-founder Garde.

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