Porsche K1: Electric super SUV comes with racing technology

Porsche is building an all-electric super SUV. With racing technology from the Mission R: 920 volts and oil cooling. It is supposed to roll off the assembly line in Leipzig.

Porsche boss Oliver Blume has told analysts that the sports car manufacturer will develop a purely electric SUV or crossover. This E-SUV, currently codenamed “K1”, is said to be positioned even higher than the current Cayenne and become an absolute flagship from Porsche, as reported by Autonews. The Cayenne is currently the best-selling Porsche model.

920 volts and oil cooling from the Mission R

The new electric SUV is said to be a “particularly sporty interpretation of an SUV,” Autonews quotes the Porsche CEO as saying. Porsche wants to target the higher-margin segments and open up new sales opportunities. Porsche wants to have the “K1” built in Leipzig from the middle of this decade. Technology from the Mission R is also to be installed in the new high-end electric SUV.

Mission R – Porsche shows electric racing car study with 800 kW and 900 volts.

In addition to a high-performance battery, the Mission R also has a 920-volt system. This significantly reduces loading times. This technology should probably be used in the “K1” as well as the direct oil cooling for the electric motors.

Blume said the following about the new prestige property: “We are planning to expand our attractive portfolio with a new, all-electric luxury SUV that will roll off the assembly line in Leipzig. This will allow us to further expand our position in the luxury automotive segment. We are primarily aimed at the higher-margin segments and want to open up new sales opportunities in this way.”

Older rumors about Porsche’s new e-SUV speak of three rows of seats that the vehicle should have. However, Porsche has not yet revealed any details about the new vehicle.

Second successful e-model alongside Taycan?

The new e-SUV would therefore occupy the same position among SUVs as the Taycan, which has been on sale for some time, among classic sports cars. The Taycan was the fourth most successful Porsche model worldwide in the first half of 2022. Fourth place – given the small variety of models from Porsche, that doesn’t sound like a great success, but the Taycan is comparatively expensive, as an e-car it suffers particularly from the limited production due to semiconductor-related delivery bottlenecks and as an e-car it may not be to the liking of all Porsche fans who would rather drive a roaring six-cylinder. From this point of view, the Taycan should definitely be judged to be very successful, especially since it had meanwhile even overtaken the Porsche 911 in terms of sales figures. And the new E-SUV should probably have the same potential to become a bestseller in the upper premium segment.

The market launch of the electric Macan, which is also planned, will be delayed until 2024.

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