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Porsche’s mission is clear: With the IAA study Mission R the Zuffenhäuser want to show where the journey in motorsport is headed. To be more precise: in customer sport. 1088 hp, All-wheel drive, weighs only 1500 kilograms, in under 2.5 seconds to 100 km / h, over 300 km / h top speed. In short: with performance on 911 GT3 Cup level Porsche wants to make the electric speedster appealing to its fast, solvent customers for the racetrack. And put a lot of brainpower into it.

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A highlight: the Direct oil cooling for the electric motors. If the liquid rushes around the outside of the stator in a jacket, Porsche is now directing the oil directly past the copper windings for the first time; The same also applies to them, by the way battery. Another: The “exoskeleton” cage structure Carbonthat should combine low weight and high protection; there are also flax fiber-reinforced plastics that Low in CO2 can be produced.

Porsche Mission R.

In Los Angeles, on Porsche’s own racetrack at the Experience Center, the Mission R is supposed to show in practice that the theory works.

So much for the theory Porsche already explained about the fair in Munich. A few weeks later we meet the electric speedster – yes, it really is, because currently there is only this one model – again. In Los Angeles, on Porsches own Racetrack at the Experience Center. Here the Mission R is supposed to show in practice that the theory works. At least in rudiments: it will cost more than 100 km / h Concept car unfortunately not make it.

Porsche Mission R.

Tight box: With its 1.97 meters, AUTO BILD editorial manager Michael Gebhardt hardly fits behind the steering wheel of the Mission R.

Getting into the cockpit is difficult

Because the whole thing is just a finger exercise, they are Safety precautions especially high. Finally the Mission R works with 900 volt technology, another 100 volt more than in Taycan issue. If things go bad, they can be fatal. Before the driving fun, there is therefore an instruction on what to do in the event of an emergency, which hopefully never occurs. Namely jump out of the carwithout touching the asphalt. An almost impossible gymnastics exercise, as it will later turn out to be. The second hurdle on the way to the cockpit: the Racing suit and fireproof underwear, Boots, gloves and helmet. Okay, the author may not have a standard measure … In any case, breathing was difficult. In stand. Adversity for which the first round im Racing cars of the future more than should make up for it.

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If, yes if, you would get in. The cockpit, even high-tech from a single source and can also be used outside of the car in the simulator, is tailored more for lean racing drivers than for seasoned editorial managers. In concrete terms: Getting in – requires acrobatic talent; Sitting – this is how sardines should feel; Steering – not possible because the right knee blocks the valance and prevents it from turning. It quickly becomes clear: For me, Mission R is impossible.

Porsche Mission R.

The Mission R storms forward vehemently, steers razor sharp – and manages 40 minutes on the racetrack.

The battery lasts for 40 minutes of racing

Plan B is needed. His name is Lars Kern, is a Porsche test driver and fits in without any problems. So I crawl out again (and think of the words “In an emergency, you have to jump out without touching the ground!”) And fold in a similarly inelegant way onto the passenger seat; without the already sparse upholstery, otherwise it will be too tight upstairs. Lars swings lightly behind the steering wheel, the technician presses a couple of switches – and then he finally sets off, the ride on the electric cannonball. We roll out of the improvised pit lane onto the track – and Lars unexpectedly depresses the power pedal. The Mission R arrows forward as if there was no more tomorrow, it pushes me into the cracks of the hard bucket seat. And if the racing suit didn’t cut everything off, it would certainly turn my stomach. That is exactly what fascinates Lars Kern. This direct response, this direct power, a Twitching the toe enough, the wild ride starts.


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Humming and buzzing loudly – like one Mixture of jumbo jet and tram – the Mission R races across the track, reacts to the smallest steering commands as sharply as a police dog, eats curve after curve. Even as a pillion passenger you can feel how much energy literally in this one Concept car plugged. Speaking of energy: the battery holds 82 kWh, should be up to 40 minutes Racing use persevere – significantly longer than me.

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Ride in the Porsche Mission R

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