Porsche presents new 911 Targa sports car – despite the Corona crisis

The entire automotive industry is in crisis due to the corona pandemic. Porsche defies this development. The company presents its third body version of the 911 generation – the new Porsche 911 Targa. This should be available this summer.

The sports car is available in two performance levels: Targa 4 and Targa 4S. Both are powered by a six-cylinder boxer engine with a displacement of three liters and biturbo charging. The engine of the weaker Targa 4 has 385 hp and 450 Nm. The sports car made it from zero to 100 in 4.2 seconds. That is a tenth faster than before. Its top speed is 289 kilometers per hour.

In contrast, according to the manufacturer, the Targa 4S only takes 3.6 seconds to go from zero to 100. It reaches a maximum of 304 kilometers per hour. This extraordinary speed is due to its 450 HP engine.

Here you can find out more details about the new Porsche models.

Porsche presents its new 911 models – Targa 4 and Targa 4S


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