Porsche Track Precision App: Circuit training with Apple Carplay

Circuit training with Apple CarPlay

Hobby racers can now fine-tune their driving style with the Porsche Track Precision app. AUTO BILD has everything you need to know about the application.

Porsche owners who like to go to the racetrack can now work on their lap times even more easily. Porsche has updated its in-house racing app “Porsche Track Precision” and is now also giving it an Apple CarPlay function. This means that lap times and comparison laps go directly to the central screen in the center console. So far, it was only possible to use the application on the phone.

Free racetrack trainer from Porsche

A detailed evaluation can be created on the smartphone after the training.

The app offers a total of 300 international racetracks after downloading, but more can be added through individual records. If you are on a circuit with activated smartphone application, you will be Real-time data on longitudinal and lateral acceleration, braking force and engine speeds, as well as the speeds traveled evaluated. The app is included connected to various control units of the car and picks up the data right there. According to Porsche, videos recorded with action cams or mobile phones should be able to be combined with the recorded data and thus one detailed evaluation of driving data and driving style. If you want, you can even get one here Steering angle for every single curve consider. Personal success can be shared with friends on social media. The free app is only available in the Apple AppStore. Android users get nothing here.


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