Porsche’s Taycan electric car impresses with its acceleration – but in the wrong place

Ever since the Porsche Taycan has existed, emotional outbursts when starting up quickly are no longer reserved for Tesla owners – as videos show, the German electric car can also cheer its drivers with quiet but breathtaking acceleration. However, the e-sports car made an apparently completely new Taycan owner in Great Britain curse: from a standstill in front of a driveway, the car suddenly accelerated rapidly, rammed an SUV out of the way in an arc to the right and ended up sloping between a wall and another vehicle.

Taycan starts impressively quickly

A video of this event was published on YouTube this Thursday. “Porsche Taycan Ups crash at home” is the title, “What a start for a Taycan owner” is the description, otherwise it offers no explanations. Apparently, the low resolution recordings come from a surveillance camera on a house across the street.

At the beginning of the short video, the chic and expensive electric car slowly pulls up on a winding residential street with an incline and then turns almost in a turn to the right into a driveway for two houses. It initially stops a few meters away between the houses. The three brake lights come on for a few seconds – but then suddenly they stop, and the Taycan starts moving impressively quickly.

But in its path, with the steering wheel still turned to the right, there is a dark SUV. The heavy electric Porsche, which quickly gets going, hits it at the rear, turns it away effortlessly and continues, still turning to the right. As a result, he comes back in the direction of the ascending road, but the lane is a good meter lower at this point. The Taycan might otherwise have easily shot over this height difference (and then landed roughly), but it is stopped by another parked car at the edge of the road. At the end he is wedged in an inclined position between this and the wall to the entrance.

In the Taycan forum, among other things, the incident was discussed between amused and shocked. Whether people were injured in addition to the three cars was initially open. The most likely explanation soon emerged that the person behind the wheel had switched to hold mode, as is also the case at Tesla: You step on the brake, which then applies until the power pedal is pressed again to release and drive away . This could be difficult to dose, especially on the mountain, explained a Taycan owner.

Porsche Forum clarifies the background

Another member of the forum, who, according to him, is the owner (among others) of a Porsche Taycan 4S and from the US city of Houston, even provided the full story. The owner had only received the electric car 2 hours before and drove it to a friend’s house. In the driveway he had stopped to take something from the back seat and accidentally came with his foot on the power pedal when turning around, he wrote, citing “someone close by”. And because the driver did not yet know the enormous power of his new electric car, he did not react quickly enough to prevent the subsequent video events.


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