Port meat: the new anti-VE attack

Attacks on electric cars are not uncommon. In addition to the degradation of the terminals, there is now the injection of minced meat into the recharging ports.

Riding an electric car is seen more by ignorant people as belonging to a small group of enemies than as a new way of getting around more cleanly. Thus, attacks on electric cars are not uncommon. And detractors compete in ingenuity to express their positions. Latest discovery: inserting minced meat into the terminals.

This scene was observed in Germany, near Munich, where attacks on electric cars are on the rise. But this attack “butchery” is unprecedented: an anti-EV had no other idea than insert minced meat into the charging ports of a terminal.

Is the electric car driver a vegetarian?

Visibly imbued with prejudices, the author of this degradation thought that the meat would undoubtedly act like kryptonite on electric car drivers who are necessarily vegetarians, in his own vision of the world.

Unfortunately for him, his attempt had no effect on electric car drivers. On the other hand, in addition to the unnecessary waste of food, this degradation damaged the CCS and CHAdeMO fast charging sockets, requiring their replacement.


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