Port of Rotterdam tests delivery via drones

On Friday, a drone brought a package of parts to the largest ship in the world, the Pioneering Spirit, which is located in the Alexiahaven.

According to the Port Authority, the test must show whether and how ‘dronedelivery’ can make transport in the port more efficient. The airspace above the port is set up safely for this.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is also watching to see how laws and regulations need to be amended.


“The application possibilities for deploying drones in the port area are endless. Consider, for example, the deployment in incident prevention and response, water pollution, fire fighting, supervision of port operations and damage. But also inspections of installations and bridges, construction and maintenance of infrastructure. , deliveries to ships and drilling platforms, to fast medical transport of blood and organs. In time, even heavy transport and transport of people, “says Stephan van Vuuren of the organizing business consortium Dutch Drone Delta.


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