Portuguese President Rebelo de Sousa re-elected

Closer to the people Rebelo de Sousa

Rebelo de Sousa, who has been in office since 2016, is considered an extremely close to the people politician who, as head of state, likes to hug, kiss and comfort people on the street. Sometimes he also appears as an active helper: Last August, the wiry Catholic in the Algarve rushed into the sea to help save two women whose kayak had capsized.

But it is not only such actions that give Rebelo de Sousa recognition and prestige. He is also highly credited for not only criticizing and controlling, as a conservative politician, the left government of Prime Minister António Costa, but also supporting it. He attaches great importance to the country’s political stability. The cooperation between Rebelo and Costa, including the declaration and design of the Corona state of emergency, has worked almost smoothly so far.

A total of 10.86 million people were called to vote – including the Portuguese living abroad. The country of emigration, which also recorded a loss of hundreds of thousands of citizens during the euro crisis a few years ago, therefore has more eligible voters than inhabitants (approx. 10.3 million).


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